I wanted to share these pictures from Walt Disney World of Gaston and I. Meeting him was the highlight of my trip! He spent so much time with me and everything he did was perfect!
My what a guy, that Gaston!

I was in line waiting for him to show up and I was fixing my hair in my phone’s front facing camera and all of a sudden I see him in the camera too! I turned around and he put his arm around me and held my chin (the bottom picture) he said hello and then he went off to his spot.
When it was my turn to see him he said “isn’t it great to see me again?”
Of course, I said yes.
And then he responded with “of course it is because I just get more attractive by the minute. It’s one of my talents”
I told him that was very impressive and he said “everything I do is impressive”
Then he asked me if I was ready to fall madly in love with him. Of course I replied yes. He told me to look deeply into his eyes, so I did. Then he pulled me super close and my tiara fell off! He caught it and said “no one has reflexes like gaston”
He then took both of my hands and looked at my ring. (My ring situation is complicated and personal so if you’re really curious just message me. But yes I wear a ring on my ring finger) he said “what’s this?”
I said “a ring” because I had no time to explain my ring to Gaston.
Then he looked around and said “okay who are you married to?”
I said “I’m not married”
Then he asked “Who are you engaged to?”
I replied “Not engaged”
“Boyfriend?” He asked and was probably very confused by then.
I just said “no”
And he smiled and said “Perfect! You’re all mine.” And the pulled me close again.
Then he announced to everyone “just so everyone knows, she said she doesn’t have a boyfriend so if she does have a boyfriend back home she said she didn’t.” And then he turned to my dad and said “come on, what’s her boyfriend’s name?”
My dad said “you’re good, don’t worry”
And gaston said, “perfect” and took my hand and kissed it but then he started kissing his own hand. He apologized and said he got caught up in his own beauty.
He told me to kiss his bicep before I left so I did.
I told him it was nice to meet him and he said “yes it was!”

By far the best character experience I’ve ever had.

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